Sep 25 13 7:46 PM

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Organizer of Mass Filing Electronic Harassment Lawsuit Seeking Trusting, Uncorruptable Unbribable Attorney to represent Victims of Electronic Harassment

We have been asked/requested by the Organizer of this Mass Filing Lawsuit to post the following information to inform Victims that this Lawsuit is still active, and that the only thing that is needed is an Trusting Attorney. 

Our stance is, We support anyone that has NOT been PROVEN to be running any kind of "scam" that's trying to end this Crime through Lawsuits and have Electronic Technological Harassment Investigated/Stopped and victims assisted.

Please be aware that there has been past and active SCRIPTED/INSTRUCTED Smear and Discrediting attempts on the Organizer of this Mass Filing Lawsuit Greg Gamanche, By certain individuals claiming that Gregs Gamanches Lawsuit is a "scam" to gain your personal information and money, without PROOF of it being a "scam", 2 Organizations we're also manipulated or Coerced into placing out a "scam" warning about this Lawsuit without actual PROOF of it being a "scam", in attempt to smear and derail it from succeeding!, obviously because the Criminals behind the Electronic Harassment of Victims DO NOT want any type of Lawsuit succeeding in stopping what they are doing and having them Sued/Prosecuted.  For informational and awareness purposes, we are using the below audio file to demonstrate to others how Greg has been and is being attacked, smeared and defamed by some recruited/Scripted Perpetrator Instruction following individuals in the Victim community that have been instructed/Scripted to do so by the same Criminals illegally Criminally operating these technologies on Victims of this Crime. 


Proof that the Organizer of this Mass Filing Suit HAS filed Lawsuits on this matter in the past. http://dockets.justia.com/docket/new-hampshire/nhdce/1:2011cv00111/36439/

For further information about the Lawsuit, go to http://massfilinglawsuittwo.weebly.com/

Join the Facebook Event  http://www.facebook.com/events/547579481964091/?ref=4

If you know of or are a trusting (unbribable) Attorney that is willing to take this Case and assist Victims, please contact Greg Gamanche at mothership010@gmail.com

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