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Feb 4 14 5:25 PM

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After hearing multiple reports and observing a Pattern of this Perp activity ourselves, we have discovered that these Criminal Coward Perpetrators are relaying individuals Perpetrator SCRIPTS/INSTRUCTIONS and fraudulently ordering them to block you and other individuals on facebook. This is done in attempt to isolate Targets/Victims. So if you have spontaneously gotten blocked by several individuals in a Pattern on facebook, know that you are better off not being friends with these individuals anyway, because they are weak minded Perpetrator Recruits that blindly follow Perp SCRIPTS/Instructions. In efforts to raise Awareness of this SCRIPTED Perpetrator tactic, we're going to be putting up a list of individuals (Perp Recruits) that are following these Perpetrator Instructions and blocking other Victims without a legitimate reason, this will show the Community who these weak minded individuals are and that they are no worse than the coward Criminal Perpetrators who put them up to this.

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Sep 14 16 9:51 AM

Don't play their game.

Nothing could be finer than to regain control.  It really pisses them off.  I would not waste my time playing "who's a moron" with people you really do not know (unless you dream of being a perp).  We need to make their weapon useless or incapable of placing fear into us.  We do not need to be playing the Devil's advocate with other people on social networks.  I am alive and among the living again and fear nothing.  My defense has been great and I am moving forward.  I will not waste my time on playing games.  That is not what we need.  How about a Talkshoe.

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